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69a | Movers and their pets | 01 May 2019

canine connection..

Story coming soon.



we are eight today..

So here we are. Our eighth year. Evolving Nash Watson into a truly unique business has been quite a feat. We went out there on a limb, and people have come along with us, which has been a truly humbling experience. The early days.. we’ve never forgotten the goodwill and faith placed in our endeavours. So here’s to the next eight! More innovation, more trying to reinvent the wheel, and most importantly, more meeting new friends as Nash Watson journeys. Thank you.


69a | Bringing the outside in | 04 APRIL 2019

bringing the outside in..

Our interest in micro-living brought about our meeting and photo shoot with Helen who landscapes and tends the most delicate terrariums and super cool miniature gardens.

“As the spaces, we live in become smaller, the items we choose to live with mean more. We, humans, are drawn to nature; it's beautiful, it creates mental well-being and improves the quality of our indoor and outdoor spaces. There's something green that will thrive in almost every corner of our homes.”



we all come with a story..

Brian is illusive, yet an approachable artist. A total conflict, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. Prolific, talented and precise. “The long thin-tipped brush held the ink just so. A crawling line left the side of the golden rococo wall sconce like the growing branch of a tree. Then another, till a winter form took over the page. Roots and all: nodules of packed earth clinging. INK..”

Maker Gallery exhibited Brian’s work in 2016. The next Brian Britton at Maker Gallery exhibition is in 2019.


69a | Less House More Home | 10 OCTOBER 2017

it's amazing how little space we need..

Less House More Home has become a modern day mantra for those that dream, create and are looking for inspiration in their most personal space, their home.


69a | Less House More Home | 3 OCTOBER 2017

lighting inspiration..

A shade, a mesh, or a deflection. Form and function, two different stimuli. Get it right, and you have a lighting set up. Many people take ambient lighting for granted; however if your habitat needs to give you some sense of something, then ambient light ought to be high up there on your mood making agenda. We found, on our travels while shooting a deliciously, brilliant apartment, this dark mesh shade. Switched on or off it’s striking!